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The bird flu is spreading in Quebec.  Here are some links to information for barnyard poultry owners: 


Zones de contrôle primaire 

Avis sur la grippe aviaire

Comment garder vos volailles en sécurité

Comment garder vos volailles en sécurité 2

Vidéo sur la biosécurité

Liste de vétérinaires pour les volailles de basse-cour 

For more information, contact your veterinarian or dial 1 844 ANIMAUX

Feeds for every type of farm animal....

Baby Farm Bunny
Chicken Farm
  • Feeds for all species (poultry, rabbits, pigs, etc.)

  • Organic feeds

  • Feeds without GMOs

  • Vitamin and mineral supplements

  • Mineral blocks

  • Salt blocks

  • Powdered milk, colostrum (bovin, sheep, goat)

Products for barnyard animals


2022 Dates

Meat birds

Males & females (1 day old) $1.50

Dates : 28 April/12&26 May/2&16 June/7&27 July/4&25 August

Laying Hens

19 weeks

15$ - Red, White (Leghorn), Grey (Plymouth Rock)

16$ - Black (Black Rock)

Dates (Red hens): 3&17 May/1&15 June/8 July/ 17 August/ Sept,Oct

15 June ONLY : Plymouth Rock, Black Rock

13 May ONLY : Leghorn


1 day old  5.95$

Dates :9 June/14 July

Also available


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