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A passion for the health and well-being of horses...

Feeds & supplements

Feeding the Horse
  • Several feed choices

  • Beet pulp

  • Cubed hay replacers (alfalfa, timothy)

  • Flaxseed

  • Digestive support (Equi-biota, probiotic yeast)

  • Electrolytes

  • Hoof supplements

  • Heiro & Digestawell (laminitis prevention)

  • Health E (vit. E supplment)

  • Equi-shield (for flies)

  • Paradox (organic selenium)

  • Salt licks

  • Respiratory support (Heave Ho, Respifree, etc.)

  • Joint support (Comfort Quik, Omega-Balance, glucosamine)

  • Mad Barn products


The Equiline Feeds

Shur-Gain's Equiline® Horse Feed gives your horse the perfect mix: precise nutritional formulation balanced with wholesome, top quality ingredients.  Highly digestible fibre sources, such as beet pulp and alfalfa, palatable vegetable oils and top quality grains, are utilized in Equiline® Horse products.

  • Enhanced with antioxidants, vitamin E and 100% organic selenium

  • They also contain a high quality yeast culture

  • Complete complement of macro and micro minerals

  • Fat and water soluble vitamins (including biotin)

Equine Nutrition Consultation Services

  • Horse measurements (weight and body score)

  • Horse history (current feeding program, health issues, etc.)

  • Hay analysis and ration calculations to identify excesses or deficiencies

  • Health and well-being recommendations (weight loss, senior horses, metabolic issues, insulin resistance, laminitis, Cushing's, etc.

Angie Beaudet 4.jpg

Angie Beaudet, T.E.

Equine Nutrition Consultant

819 826-6543

Passionate about the health and well-being of equines, our nutrition consultant offers a personalized service according to your horses needs.

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