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A passion for the health and well-being of horses...

Feeds & supplements

  • Textured feeds made at our mill 

  • Equiline feeds and supplements

  • Beet pulp

  • Cubed hay replacers (alfalfa, timothy)

  • Flaxseed

  • Digestive support (Equi-biota, probiotic yeast)

  • Electrolytes

  • Hoof supplements

  • Heiro & Digestawell (laminitis prevention)

  • Health E (vit. E supplment)

  • Equi-shield (for flies)

  • Paradox (organic selenium)

  • Salt licks

  • Respiratory support (Heave Ho, Respifree, etc.)

  • Joint support (Comfort Quik, Omega-Balance, glucosamine)


The Equiline Feeds

Shur-Gain's Equiline® Horse Feed gives your horse the perfect mix: precise nutritional formulation balanced with wholesome, top quality ingredients.  Highly digestible fibre sources, such as beet pulp and alfalfa, palatable vegetable oils and top quality grains, are utilized in Equiline® Horse products.

All Equiline® Horse Feeds are enhanced with antioxidants, vitamin E and organic selenium, which reduces cell destruction, improves the immune system and decreases the effects of stress.  Selenium is essential for a healthy diet.  Since Quebec soils are selenium deficient and inorganic sources are not as absorbent as organic selenium, Equiline® ensures 100% organic selenium in its products.

They also contain a high quality yeast culture, resulting in enhanced fibre digestion and a reduction in lactic acid build-up.  This provides more energy for growth, maintenance and other activities.  Yeast is also a good source of B vitamins.

You'll find a complete complement of macro and micro minerals along with all the fat and water soluble vitamins (including biotin) needed to meet or exceed the National Research Council (NRC) requirements for horses in the Equiline® Horse Feeds.

On-Farm Services

  • Evaluation of current feeding program

  • Choice of feeds and supplements according to the horse's needs

  • Ration balancing - are your horse's needs met?

  • Health and well-being advice

  • Hay analysis

Angie Beaudet, T.E.

Equine Nutrition Consultant

819 826-6543


Passionate about the health and well-being of equines, our nutrition consultant offers a personalized service according to your horses needs.

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