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At the heart of dairy production...

Our Feed Programs

The program that allows you to optimise the future dairy performance of your heifers.

A program specially designed for calving preparation: simple yet efficient!

Flow agent with multiple ingredients for cattle

A vitamin supplement containing a mixture of B vitamins and fat. It is specially designed to support the changing metabolic needs at the beginning of lactation.

Save money with Newton, a program that is capable of formulating extremely precise rations based on dynamic energy.

On-Farm Herd Nutrition Consultation Services

Shelby M. Drew, T.P.A.

Dairy & Beef Cattle Nutrition Consultant

819 239-1248


Mario Bélisle, Agr.

Nutrition Program Development

450 230-1615


Debbie Lachapelle, Agr.

Shur-Gain Agronome

819 570-7091


Christian Janelle,

Dairy production nutrition consultant

819 818-1023